Prof. Markus Enzweiler Expert for autonomous mobility new advisory board member

Reinforcement in the Advisory Board by long-standing Mercedes-Benz Technical Manager for Autonomous Driving

  • Markus Enzweiler now member of the Advisory Board of Spleenlab
  • Support in the field of AI, Lidar and autonomous mobility
  • Focus is on further network expansion and internationalization
Photo: Prof. Markus Enzweiler

Saalburg-Ebersdorf. Markus Enzweiler long-time Technical Manager of Mercedes-Benz for autonomous driving, environment sensing, sensor technology and AI and professor for "Autonomous Mobile Systems" at the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, is now a new advisory board member of Spleenlab. The multi-award-winning and internationally highly recognized expert for autonomous mobility has a great expertise and network in the core areas of the AI software specialist from Thuringia. "We are proud to have Markus Enzweiler, one of the leading international experts in autonomous systems, who combines technical knowledge and progressive research", said Stefan Milz, Co-Founder and Head of R&D at Spleenlab. "We want to continue to grow in our core areas and open up new customer fields. Markus Enzweiler is therefore a great asset on our way to becoming a leading international specialist for autonomous mobility" ,add the two co-founders Tobias Rüdiger, Head of Operation and Finance and Sebastian Süß, Head of Marketing and Communication. "Spleenlab is one of the most exciting automation and AI companies on the market. I am happy to actively support the team with my experience and network in the field of autonomous mobility" ,concludes Prof. Enzweiler.

About Prof. Markus Enzweiler Markus Enzweiler worked for many years as Technical Manager in the field of driver assistance and autonomous driving and for environment sensing with LiDAR and camera sensors at Mercedes-Benz R&D. Currently, he is professor for autonomous mobile systems at the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. Through his activities he is very well connected within the industry and the research world. Nationally, as well as internationally. This is also reflected in his activities as co-organizer of important workshops at various conferences and countless publications and awards. His content focus is on AI, deep learning, driver assistance and autonomous driving. He is also a Junior Fellow of the Gesellschaft für Informatik (German Informatics Society).

About Spleenlab Spleenlab is a 2018 re-founded highly specialized AI software company aiming to develop safe AI applications for real-time automation of drones, air-taxis and self-driving cars. The technologies and products developed by Spleenlab offer their users a variety of different application possibilities for AI-based 3D mapping, inspection or monitoring in real-time on the vehicle. The members of the steadily growing team bring their many years of experience as senior AI engineers, managing directors and marketing experts to the company, which is based in Saalburg-Ebersdorf/Germany.

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