Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Autonomous 3D Realtime Mapping

Get high-precision 3D Maps with our Lidar SLAM. Our Maps are faster and smarter.

Lidar Laser SLAM
Realtime onboard Data Processing
High Precision Map

With our AI Lidar SLAM (Simultaenous Localization and Mapping) you create centimeter accurate 3D maps of a building, a construction site, an excavation site, a tunnel, a production line, a road, a field, etc. in real time on survey grade level without the need of an RTK GPS.. The data processing on your drone allows you to react quickly and specifically to short-term changes. This is a decisive advantage for both visual flights and BVLOS missions. Additionally the 3D SLAM makes your drone more independent from V2X and GPS communication, because it allows the drone to locate itself with the help of the map and AI. So you can work safely even in difficult environments. Job is done when drone lands ready for enterprise solution.

Autonomous Realtime Inspection & Monitoring

With the help of Sensor Fusion and AI you do your work safer, faster and with better results.

AI Sensor Fusion
Realtime onboard Data Processing
AI Environment Perception

Our unique fusion of different sensors, such as laser, radar and camera, allows you to perform various inspections and surveillance missions in real time. In combination with our AI applications you have the possibility execute your missions automatically, with the highest safety standards for AI. Be it the inspection and maintenance of an industrial plant, the condition assessment of a power pole or the progress of work in an open pit mine. We give you the opportunity to quickly identify hazards and problems and not only speed up your work but also make it safer for your employees.

Safe Collision Avoidance

We make your BVLOS flights, take-offs and landings safer.

AI Sensor Fusion
High Speed AI Decision
Safe Self Localization & Pathplanning

The protection of take-offs and landings and the automated collision avoidance with static and dynamic objects during the flight is made possible by our AI applications. This is crucial for BVLOS flights or the use of your drone in difficult environments with a high degree of obstacles or airspace participants. Due to the high sensor redundancy and the aligned AI, even extensive missions become easier to control, as your pilot now receives fast and targeted assistance.


Our products and functions are adaptable for different industrial applications and can be applied to existing UAV systems or used as a one hand solution by us.

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Our AI platform enables safe autonomous mobility of any kind of flying and driving vehicles and beyond.

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